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We carry a large variety of flooring from top of the range Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak Select, Prime, Standard and Overlays through to particleboard, plywood, fibre cement wet area flooring for both interior and exterior use, and ceramic tile underlay.
Various profiles available
Sold loose and in packs

Solid Wood Flooring
Solid Wood Flooring
Naturally beautiful with large range of
colours and tones
Strong and durable
Low maintenance

Jarrah KD
Standard Grade
Mixed lengths
Size range: 80x19 mm

Tasmanian Oak
Random lengths
Select Grade
Size range: 108x19 mm
Prime Grade
Size range: 85x19 and 108x19 mm
Standard Grade
Size range: 85x19 mm
Prime Overlay
Size range: 85x12 and 133x12 mm

Baltic Pine KD
Random lengths
Size range: 152x22 mm

Spotted Gum
Select Grade
Random lengths
Size range: 80x19 mm

Particle Board Flooring
Yellow, Orange, Red and Green Tongue available
Ideal platform for suspended floors
Available with H2 termite protection
Resin enriched to withstand weather conditions during construction
Easy to handle and install
Available in 3 thicknesses/strength grading
Size range: 900x19, 900x22 and 600x25 mm
Length: 3.6 m

Beige Tongue also available for use with floor joists spaced at 600 mm.
Size range: 900x22 mm
Length: 6.0 m

For more information see

Plywood Flooring
Strong, durable and pre-sanded
Can be H3 treated
Machine grooved long edges with a
single plastic tongue to form a
tongue and groove between sheets
Available in a range of thicknesses suitable
for use in structural and non-structural
Size range: 1200x15,17,19,21 and 25 mm
Length: 2.4 m

For complete range of sizes see

Fibre Cement Flooring
Fibre Cement Flooring
Easy to install sheet flooring
Especially developed for wet areas such
as bathrooms and laundries
Factory sealed
Light, durable and easy to nail
for joint sealant
Interior and exterior sheets available
Size range:
1800x900x19 mm
2700x600x19 mm
2400x600x22 mm
2700x600x19 mm
2400x600x22 mm
See also

BGC Compressed Sheet Flooring
High density fibre cement sheet
Ideally suited to wet areas
Also suited for use in cladding of
exterior decks
For size ranges see

Ceramic Tile Underlay
Substrate board available for installation
over flooring to minimise movement and
prevent tiles cracking.

James Hardie Underlay
1800x1200x6 mm

Hume Prima
1800x900x6 mm

See also
Adhesives and Sealants for appropriate flooring products
Hardwood for Stair Treads and Stringers

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